5 Gambling Authorities That Provide Licenses

We all know gambling comes with a risk, whether you deal with land-based or online casinos. So make sure that the casino sites you visit have license and only approve by gambling authorities that provide licenses to online casino. Players want to know that someone looks out for them, and these venues will not swindle away their money. This fact is even more essential with Internet gaming, as punters have a difficult time ascertaining an online platform’s integrity and reliability.

All over the world, several government bodies ensure online casino operators provide fair and safe games to their customers. They also establish rules and regulations that their constituents must follow.

Obtaining a license takes time and money, so online casinos that made such an effort is more reliable than ones who do not. There are a few websites that offer gambling services without a license, but you will be hard-pressed to find any reputable organization promoting them.

Licensing agencies are available in every region, and we have come up with the five most famous ones.

Gambling Authorities That Provide Licenses

  1. Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

This organization has been established in 1999 and grants recipients the ability to run online gambling operations from its servers. You will find the massive server farm in the Mohawk nation of Quebec.

It issues four types of licenses to applicants: Client Provider Authorization, Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization, Key Person Licence, and Casino Software Provider Authorization. This gaming commission has published hundreds of permits to casinos that operate in North America.

  1. New Jersey Casino Control Commission

This gambling authority has been active since the 70s, although it only started issuing online licenses in 2013. The operators in the famed Atlantic City can now offer their casino games over the Internet, though it is only available to individuals within Delaware and New Jersey’s borders.

  1. UK Gambling Commission

UK Gambling Commission

Established in 2005, this gambling commission allows its operators to provide gambling services to United Kingdom players. This commission has extensive rules and regulations covering every facet of online gambling. A permit from the UKGC has always been prestigious among other gambling licenses.

  1. Malta Gaming Authority

The small Mediterranean island is not only a tropical tourist destination but also the capital of internet gaming. The MGA has four types of remote licenses, depending on the gambling operations of the site.

For example, Class 1 deals with regular casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Class 2 is for those sites that offer sports betting, while Class 3 covers PVP games like poker rooms.

  1. Curacao Internet Gambling Association

Curacao Internet Gambling Association

Most online casinos obtain a license from this Caribbean authority due to its low corporate tax rates and few restrictions. The association offers two types of permits, and people generally consider it as operator-friendly. It has a more substantial presence than gambling organizations from Costa Rica but falls behind Alderney or Malta’s standards.

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